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Dario Zimmerli

Dario Zimmerli is an editorial, portrait and architecture photographer. Born in Switzerland, Dario discovered in his younger days a passion for photography. After he worked as an interior designer for a renowned corporation, he decided to open his own studio. Dario, wants to show with his pictures natural beauty and the passion of the moment with his pictures. Black-and white shots cover most of his galleries. He’s worked internationally with several actors and celebrities in London, Miami and Los Angeles. Dario’s portraits and editorials appear regularly in magazines like BMQ, die11 and others. Actors Ron Perlman and GustafSkarsgård – tennis legend Roger Federer – international footballer XherdanShaqiri and R ’n’ B singer Eric Benet have already been in front of his lens. Dario lives in Switzerland, but follows his work around the world.

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